Looking for info on Dad

By: Patrick Camblin
On: 10/15/2005
Sorry to poke my head in on a matter unrelated to the 401st (my uncle flew with you), but maybe you can help on another matter.  I'm  looking for information on my dad and both grandfather's units.  Can you tell me where to start?  I'd prefer online resources.  Dad (Roy Camblin Jr) flew P51's in Korea and C47's over India / China in WWII (Burma Hump).  His dad (Roy Camblin Sr) was career Army Air Corp in WWII and maybe WWI.  My other grandad (Fred Eglin Sr.) was active during WWI, but died in-service prior to WWII.  Any help would be great, and thanks!

Re: Looking for info on Dad

By: Scott McElvain
On: 10/16/2005
Do you know what units he was assigned to?

Re: Looking for info on Dad

By: Win Bryson
On: 10/17/2005
This is as good a place to start as any. Suggest:
1. Get all your Dad's (and grandfathers') military info together you can (and serial numbers) from your family records local American Legion or VFW, 'Veterans Projects' or even local Library.
2. Write or E-mail The National Personnel Records Center, (St. Louis)- separate requests for each relative.
3. Individual deceased [WWII] personnel file can be obtained from the Dept of the Army at foia@hoffman.army.mil.UNITS:
4. Knowing your Dad's (and grandfathers') Units, Web-search for info related to them.  Be sure to inquire for official information to:
a. The National Archives - via a 'contact-us' E-mail on their website, or letter to 'National Archives II;  Textual Ref. Branch, 2nd floor
8601 Adelphi Road College Park, Md. 20740; and
b. The Air Force Historical Research Agency (AFHRA), Maxwell AFB, Ala. They have microfilm of USAAF and USAF Units that you can purchase.

Good Hunting!