Madame Q ueen's  Radiomans Ramblings-more trivia

By: Clyde Larry Mings
On: 10/11/2005
After our 401st combat tour we were sent to Miami Beach for R&R and to take tests and wait for our next assignment. Our wives were allowed to join us in the military hotels. While swimming in the  rough surf I was tumbled along the bottom and when I surfaced my boxer swim trunks were nowhere to be found.There is nothing lonelier than being in the surf line on a crowded beach wearing only your wedding ring! My wife  went to the hotel and got a bathrobe and brought it to me.I waded ashore with the remnants of my shattered dignity and past the wide grins of those who guessed my predicament! ( my assignment was back overseas all too soon  with the Air Transport Command (aka Arab Taxi Company) flying as a static chaser on the Africa-India runs and based in Egypt and Casablanca)On the C-46's three man crew the radio op had to do rudimentary navigation using the APN-4 newfangled Loran and taking 3 station radio fixes that hopefully got us pointed in the right general direction.