Deenethorpe Village Crash, 5/12/43'

By: David Pearce
On: 10/31/2001
I would be interested to learn any further information on the above incident and in particular on the crew members involved and there service with the 401st.

I have the names of the crew from the 'Blue Book', they are-lt W B keith, Ly Hammond, S /Sgt B C Musser, Sgt Kelson, Pvt Cohen, S/Sgt D Hadsell, "nd Lt Floto, R V Kerr and 2nd Lt King.

Any help would be much appreciated.


Dave Pearce

Re: Deenethorpe Village Crash, 5/12/43'

By: Art Seder
On: 11/01/2001
The Deenethrope crash was one of the most dramatic incidents of the 401st's tour in the ETO. It is described at pp. 10 and 11 of the new 401st Bomb Group history published by Turner Publishing Company last year.
    The crash, which occurred on 5 December 1943, occurred on Lt. Keith's second mission. As his navigator, Lt. C.T. Floto and bombardier, Lt. J. B. King, were seriously injured, Lt. Keith's crew was reconstituted after the crash. With his second crew, Lt. Keith flew 12 more missions but was shot down by enemy fighters on a mission to Dessau 28 May 1944. Six members of the crew, including Lt. Keith, parachuted to safety and were taken prisoner, but the other four were killed.
     Of Lt. Keith's original crew, the Radio Operator, B. V. Musser, and the Tail Gunner, Robert V. Kerr, are members of the 401st Bomb Group Association.