"Black book " info on Jack Sharp

By: Clyde L.Mings
On: 09/17/2005
TO: Jackie  ( Sharp) Sheflin
The "black book" is a 401st book put out by Turner Publishing Company in 2000 and has a black cover .
It has a lot of stories about the 401st and biographies in the back that shows pictures of the members in WW2 and recently. Jack had to have sent the info in or he would not be in it.His pics and bio is on page 168 and 169. If you will send your address to me at CLMings@aol.com I will copy the two pages and send it to you. To locate the book , here is the data on it. Title;  The 401st Bomb Group, " the best damned outfit in the USAAF" ISBN:1-56311-684-7
Library of Congress card No. 00-135 483

It has 184 pages and many, many photographs.

If I locate any pics that show him and Sgt. Hill in London while we were on pass there I will let you know.
Good luck with your research project on him. He was quite a guy!

Re: "Black book " info on Jack Sharp

By: Jackie Sheflin
On: 10/03/2005
Clyde, I have e-mailed you my address. I can't thank you enough for your kind offer.

I still hope to be able to find a copy of the "Black 401st" book to purchase but I am very glad you are willing to copy those 2 pages and send me copies.

Thank you again for your generous offer.


Re: "Black book " info on Jack Sharp

By: C.L. Mings
On: 10/10/2005
Jackie- two copies of the "black Book " article on Jack Sharp have been scanned and mailed to you .Good luck on your project on researching his life. Quite a guy!