Aviation in Northamptonshire" Book & 401st Glider book

By: Jackie Sheflin
On: 09/09/2005

Sometime ago one of our members was looking for a book titled:
"Aviation in Northamptonshire" an Illustrated History".

I did a quick search online from a rare and out of print book dealer and found that this book is available from $10.00 to almost $100.00, it depends on whether you want a first edition and who you order it from. I happened to use Abebooks at:  www.abebooks.com, as I have used them before. I bought the $10.00 copy and there are others available.

Another member was looking for Glider information from the 401st. Ebay has a book listed right now on this very information for those who may be interested:

eBay: SKYRIDERS: HISTORY OF THE 327/401ST GLIDER INFANTRY (item 4515461576 end time Sep-24-05 14:39:44 PDT) I hope this helps those of you who were looking for these books and information.


401st Glider book - Army Infantry unit with the same number designation

By: Scott McElvain
On: 09/12/2005
The 401st glider book is about an Army unit with the same number.  It has nothing to do with the 401st Bomb Group.

Re: Aviation in Northamptonshire" Book & 401st Glider book

By: Win Bryson
On: 09/12/2005
Aviation in Northamptonshire is a nice coffee-table size Illustrated History of flight in the Shire, by Michael L. Gibson, Pub. 1982, Northamptonshire Libraries,  360pp;  ISBN 0-905391-08-X.

Deenethorpe activity, before, during(401BG)and after WWII is described in a part of the book - the rest of the book is devoted to flight history in other parts of the Shire.

I'd have to look to see what the original marked price was for the book (in U.K. 'pounds'Sterling), but $10.00 seems like a 'real steal' - it seems to me that when new, the price was around 15-pounds.