Diabolical Angel artwork

By: Jerome Urbaniak
On: 09/04/2005
Hello My Name is Jerome Urbaniak.
   I have been around military aviation and history my whole life. I live in Milwaukee Wi. about a
mile away from General Billy Mitchell International Airport .
  I have developed a keen interest in it's people and the  history that goes with it.
  One of my favorite pieces of epherma  are the flight jackets. I have developed a small hobby of painting jackets for veterans, re-enactors ,enthusiasts,myself ,collectors .
    One of my favorite jackets is from a photo in a book called "Vintage Aircraft Nose Art" by Gary Valant in which it depicts a jacket from the crew member "Diabolical Angel"
  I have re- created that image on my own personal jacket  with a little twist  and I hope to share it with you .

  Please visit
  wwww. picturetrail.com/jrome and see the folder "Diabolical Angel"

If any members  from that crew are still  around I would like to send the jacket to you to have it signed .

Thank You for your time and look forward to hearing from you.
Jerome  A. Urbaniak