613th Bomb Squadron Crashed B-17 Picture on E-Bay

By: Jim
On: 09/01/2005
There's a black-and-white photo of a 613th Bomb Squadron B-17 (42-102911) up for auction on E-Bay.  Opening bid is $24.99 and the auction ends on September 2nd.  The photo appears to be original and has a written note on the back describing how the exploding ship had blown the writer out of his cot on the engineers' line.  According to the Group's history, the pilot of the stricken aircraft was Maj Stann, who was trying to land at Greenham Common on 29 Jun 44 when the mishap occurred.  Obviously, Maj Stann wasn't hurt because he led the Group on a mission a few days later.  Interestingly enough, the B-17 was on the Group's register less than a month when it crashed--picture shows it in bare metal finish.  If you want more information about this sale, go to www.ebay.com and search for auction #6556656026.