Plan of Airbase

By: Tim Cunningham
On: 08/29/2005
Hi everyone,ive just moved into a property which is right next to the airfield at Deenethorpe,i was wondering if anyone could direct me to an orginal plan of the base,as i walk round alot of the the derelict buildings every day without knowing what they were or there history,any help would be appreciated.

Re: Plan of Airbase

By: David Pearce
On: 09/01/2005

I obtained a plan of the airbase, sometime ago now, from the RAF Museum in Hendon, London. Although only a photocopy is does provide a lot of information. Each building is numbered and tells you what each building was used for.

You could also try East Anglian Books as I believe they sell plans of airfields. They are on the internet.

Best Wishes