Lt J. J. Connoly 613th squadron

By: Jackie (Sharp) Sheflin
On: 08/28/2005
Does anyone know anything about 1st Lt J.J. Connoly of the 613th squadron? I would like to find out if he is still around. My father SSgt Jack T. Sharp flew a few missions with him when they were short a Ball Turret Gunner.
Please contact me me at: or post an answer here. Your help would be appreciated.


Re: Lt J. J. Connolly 613th squadron

By: Jack Lippert
On: 08/29/2005
Lt. Connolly is not listed in the 2005 401st Assn. directory.  The current issue of "Poop from Group" (Summer 2005) has a photo of his crew on page 11.

Re: Lt J. J. Connoly 613th squadron

By: Josie Navarro
On: 10/11/2005
Hi Jackie,

If you find anything out about John J. Connolly, please let me know. My Uncle, Frank D. Perez was the ball turret gunner on many missions with him and he would love to know about him as well. We have not been able to confirm the whereabouts of any of his crew.


Josie Navarro

Re: Lt J. J. Connoly 613th squadron

By: Valerie Conley
On: 12/05/2009
My father was Lt (later CPT) J. J. Conley (Joseph Jester Conley) and he was part of the 613th and was the group gunnery officer.  Don't know if this is who you are looking for.  Feel free to email me at