614th information request

By: Richard Hill
On: 10/26/2001
my uncle, SSgt Golden B. Hill #35235167, appears to have died with the 614th on 8/24/44.  Would appreciate any information, and any recommended reading sources.  My dad, the last survivor of his family (except me) is having his 75th birthday in January and am trying to discover his  brothers fates, family has no record.  Dad was in Pacific in WWII, then with USAF for 24 years.

Thanks, and this is a very nice site (I've tracked a lot).  

Re: 614th information request

By: Art Seder
On: 10/27/2001
Richard: Your uncle, S/Sgt Golden B. Hill, was a member (ball turret gunner)of a crew piloted by Lt. P. W. Finney. Other members of the crew were: Co-Pilot-F.O. V. W. Price; Navigator-Lt. D. E. Scott; Togglier-S/Sgt. B. A. Bralley; Radio Operator-T/Sgt E.S. Smith; Engineer-T/Sgt. W. H. Snyder; Tail Gunner-S/Sgt. W. J. Dulling; and Waist Gunner-S/Sgt. B. V. Miller.
     The crew flew its first mission on 1 August 1944 to Chartres. Just three weeks later, on their seventh mission to Weimar, flown on 24 August 1944 in B-17 "Down ' Go", they were shot down. Group records state the following: "When they were ten minutes from the IP they were attacked by 32 Fw-190's in waves. Sgt. Dulling shot one of them down, but some of the crew were wounded and the plane dived out of control. The Ball Turret Gunner, S/Sgt. G. B. Hill, was trapped in his turret, and, although ordered to bail out, S.Sgt. B. V. Miller stayed behind in an attempt to free him. Moements later the plane blew up, throwing S/Sgt. Miller free of the wreckage."
     Your uncle, G. B. Hill and the Radio Operator, E. S. Smith, were killed but the other crew members parachuted safely and were captured by the Germans, spending the remainder of the war as POW's. Needless to say, the ball turret was the most dangerous position on the B-17.

Re: 614th information request

By: Jack Lippert
On: 10/28/2001

The History Channel periodically runs a 50-minute program they produced titled "Suicide Missions:  Ball Turret Gunners."  Your father might be intrested in seeing it.

It's available in video; order No. AAE-42336.  I don't have their 800 number, but I'm sure you can get it off the air.  Or you can order it online at HistoryChannel.com.

Re: 614th information request

By: vincent verhaeghe
On: 06/07/2010
Hi richard,

I've some informations about our uncle. I try to send you a mail but it's fail. If you changed your mail adress can you send me a mail at vincent_verhaeghe@hotmail.com

thank you