Duxford airshow

By: Simon Schofield
On: 07/20/2005
Just to say how good it was to see so many Deenethorpe veterans at this years Duxford airshow near Cambridge UK. Myself and my friends were talking to one of your former ball turret gunners named Frank who was with his Neice and family, and had photos taken next to Mary Alice. I would just like to thank them for sparing us time on what was probably a hectic few days and hope they had a good visit to Deenethorpe the next day.    

Re: Duxford airshow

By: Josie Navarro
On: 08/27/2005
Hi Simon,

The photos we took of your group with my Uncle turned out very nice. Meeting all of you was a real highlight for my Uncle and myself as well! He loves to talk to others about the 401st Bomb group and his experiences there and it warms his heart that others, especially the younger generations are interested.

We are attending a reunion of the 8th Army Air Force in Washington DC this September to visit the newest Memorial and see the sites. I think there will be 600 veterans there so that will be cool! I plan to make a video of my Uncle at that time with him answering many questions about his time at Deenethorpe and talking about his WWII experience in general so we will have a record of it on tape and video. I would be happy to send you a copy if you wish at some point. Just let me know. Also, let me know if your photos did not turn out and I can send you one of ours with your group.

We had an awesome day at Deenethorpe. There were army vehicles there to transport us and then a private company provided a Navajo Piper 6 seater airplane to take the veterans up over the airfield! My Uncle went up and it was such a wonderful experience to fly over and see his old field and then they dropped down low and fast and passed us all by! It was AWESOME and such a great memory for my Uncle. I asked him how it was when he got off the plane and he said, "It was great, but I miss my machine guns!" :)

Best wishes to you! If you wish to look up my Uncle's crew on the 401st website it is under Crew Photos listed with the 613th Squadron with John J. Connolly as the pilot(not sure of the spelling but similar to that) Some photos have him listed at the Ball Turret Gunner, which he was, and others do not have the correct info.

What a nice surprise to see your email tonight! I will let me Uncle know you put a message on the website!

Take Care,

Josie Navarro :)