Classic Nose Art and Jackets WW2 and Korea

By: C.   larry Mings  Cms.USAF Ret
On: 06/30/2005
Many People are unaware of this book and it is probably the best collection of vintage nose art and A-2 jacket paintings ever asembled in one large  hard back book. It was compiled by:
LOWE & HOULD , Publishers
Library of Congress  Book #  IBSN 0-681-22744-3

It has 208 large pages of excellent photos. My son gave it to me as a present in 1997. He didnt know that our B-17 picture and our " Madame Queen " jackets were in it. It has many flight crews, and a lot of information as the fate of the aircraft shown. Check it out.It also covers the Korean war bombers. Regards,  Larry

Re: Classic Nose Art and Jackets WW2 and Korea

By: Valerie Conley Hites
On: 08/12/2006
That is a fantastic book!  Before he was commissioned and transferred to the 401st as the Group Gunnery Officer, my father, Captain Joseph Jester Conley, was the left waist gunner on The Careful Virgin -- if you look at the A-2 Jacket photo in that book for The Virgin, that is my father!  He hate having his picture taken, but since it didn't show his face, that is probably why he gave in!