Welcome to the 401st Forum

By: Art Seder
On: 06/08/2001
Welcome to the Forum Section of the 401st Bomb Group web page! This section provides an opportunity to anyone who is interested in the Group or the Association to write in with comments, suggestions, inquiries or anything else you think might be of interest to others who log onto this web site.

This is your chance to ask about long lost crew members, tell us about things that have happened to you, discuss life at Deenethorpe or ask others' opinions about matters having to do with the 401st. You can even lodge a gripe about something that bothers you, although I hope this won't turn into a gripe session (I was about to say "b----- session" but when you are talking to the whole world, it pays to watch the language a little bit). So let's fill the Forum with your thoughts, views and questions, always remembering that your comments should be of interest to others because they relate in some way to the 401st Bomb Group.

Again, welcome!

Art Seder
401st Bomb Group Association

Re: Welcome to the 401st Forum

By: SGT. Adam P. Nowik
On: 07/14/2001
Looking for LT. Murphy Co-Pilot, from the Boston area.
I lived in Poughkeepsie, NY during the service. Now living in Hyde Park, NY. Also looking for Nick Nicolisi in the Philadelphia area, Charles Paynter also from Philly area, and Donald Lamount from Rome NY area. My home address 9 Dana Place, Hyde Park, NY 12538. (845) 229-0369.  I have many pictures of Deenthorpe and men in the 613th with me.

Re: Welcome to the 401st Forum

By: Joseph B. Tripi
On: 07/15/2001

I was with the 613th in Deenthorpe.  We flew missions from 8 April 1945 - 18 May 1945.  Do you have any photos of the B-17 'Carrie B (III)?

Re: Welcome to the 401st Forum

By: Adam Nowik
On: 07/18/2001
   I will check out my photos to see if I have any, and will let you know.

Re: Welcome to the 401st Forum

By: Douglas Sweepe
On: 11/19/2002
    Hello, My dad was borrowed for a mission to Lyons, mission # 61. He was Ball Turret gunner. He had 16 missions logged and was flying with a green crew except for the officers.I ask him the other day if he knew who the crew members on that mission were and he didn't except for a one Lt. Lewis Rush who was later (KIA), God Bless Him.I'm trying to find out who they were if possible.Can anyone help with this?