My Dad

By: Bruce Nyberg
On: 10/05/2001
I have found a photograph of my Dad and his crew. On the back are names of his crewmates. However the  crew in the photograph are,( with the exception of the co-pilot/navigator Lt. Rice) not the crew who were shot down. I am looking now for the following to find out more information. I can send a copy the photo for those who need more.
The crew members are listed as such:
Pilot- Lt. Austin
Co-Pilot- Lt. Rice
Navigator- Lt. Johnson
Bombadier-  Lt. Jensen

Sgt Ru?a??ia - Asst. Engineer
SSgt. Carson - Engineer
SSgt. Suratte(?)- Radio Operator
Sgt, George - Asst. Radio Operator
My Dad, Sgt. Richard Alton Nyberg,  Armorer(?) Waist gunner
Sgt. Sloulin - Tailguner

The spelling is hard to read so if the name looks familiar please contact me.

God Bless America!  Bruce Nyberg
`     Son of Dick Nyberg