2005 Deenethorpe Veterans Visit

By: Paul Bellamy
On: 05/26/2005
Dear All,

I was wondering if there had been any progress on this, and if there is any way I could be of assistance, seing as I only live a few miles away.

I was looking through my photos of previous reunions at the base, and came across some signatures.
In the back of my Blue Book there is the following:

Isacc C Ripley
613 Sqdn Uncle Tom's Cabin

Bernard Schwartz
Navigator 613 Sqd

Harry J Watson
Navigator 613 Sqd

Edward Dana
614 Sqd
Waist Gunner

These were from the reunion just after the Control Tower had been demolished.
In my copy of Aviation in Northamptonshire I hace some signatures from an earlier reunion, however not all of these names may be ex-401st:

J R Phillips
Robert Johnson, Rock Springs, 788th BS
Robert Downs, Seattle
Martin R Edwards, Jacksonville
Robert Sellers, Pleasant Ridge, Michigan
Richard Sizemore, Midland, Michigan
John Riley, (Lt. Col. Ret) Bellevue....
Sebastian H Lassiue, Milwaukee
Gene Johnson, Lt. Col. (ret) 35 missions, apr-oct 1944

I apologise if I read any of these names wrongly, they are of course hand written quite a few years ago, but if anyone can give me any more information of these gentlemen it would be greatly apprerciated.

All the best, and looking forward to seeing you again,

Paul Bellamy