401 BG Wartime Mail on Ebay

By: Jim
On: 05/16/2005
As always, I'm amazed at what comes up for auction on Ebay and the 401 BG seems to be a never-ending source of memorabilia.  Currently up for auction is a wartime letter sent from a 615 BS flyer at Deenethorpe to a woman in Detroit.  Here's how the seller describes it:

"Sender was Sergeant Charles S. Badura 401st Bomber Group 615th Bomb Squadron. This group was stationed in England as part of the Eight Air Force. Cancellation has number 875 dated Jan 7 1944, also censor marking."

Auction # is 5581792143.  To see the item, just go to www.ebay.com and type the auction number into Ebay's search engine.

Best wishes to all the WWII 401sters on the sixtieth anniversary of your victory in Europe.