little moe

By: Dave Clare Jr
On: 09/27/2001
Do you have any information on the b-17 little moe? My dad was the belly gunner

Re: little moe

By: Donald A. Byers
On: 09/29/2001
Little Moe Serial NR 42-31069 with the 615th Squadron 401 BG.  B-17 Nose Art Directory indicates a picture is available from the National Archives.  Send e-mail to the following address and give them the name of the Airplane the Group and Squadron and your home mailing address.  They will send you a paper copy of the picture.  If you want to order a regular copy of it then they tell you how to do that.  Cost is about $27.00 for a 5X7 print.  Here is the e-mail where you send the request to:

Show a S/Sgt. D.E. Clare as a Right Waist Gunner who flew with Capt. S. Wysocki they flew Little More Bad Penny, Omar the Dentmaker" and a total of 24 missions.

Don Byers
Lubbock Texas

Capt.  S.  Wysocki   Pilot
1st Lt J.L. Peck     Co-Pilot
1st Lt. R.M. Gurvin  Navigator
1st Lt. J. Taylor    Bombardier
T/Sgt W. McIntyre    Radio Ops
T/Sgt G.M. Kenny     Engineer
S/Sgt E.H. Koon      Ball Turret
S/Sgt J.P. Ostrowski Tail Gunner
S/Sgt. J.R. White    Left Waist
S/Sgt D.E. Clare     Right Waist