Hula Girl - T H Barr

By: Kim Barr
On: 04/05/2005
My dad (T H Barr) was on Hula Girl.  I'm looking for anyone who might have known or flown with him.  God Bless.

Re: Hula Girl - T H Barr

By: L.A. Mitchell
On: 04/08/2005
  Kim, Your dad was on F.N.(Nick) Maire(deceased) crew
and was the Engineer.Thy flew 36 missions with the 615th Squadron.
Some of the crew members who are members of the 401st Bomb Group Association and were also on NIcks crew areR.M. Deen,co-pilot, N.C.Floyd.Ball Turret,and F.J. Nowak, waist Gunner.

Robert Deen lives in Arizona   Phone (520)625-6754
Norris Floyd lives inIndiana  Phone (785) 284-4351
Frank Nowak lives inIllinois   Phone (773)582-6676
They may be of some help for you.
L.A. Mitchell

wak. waist Gunner.