Lt. Charles F. Hess

By: Charles W. Hess
On: 04/02/2005
I am interested in anyone who may have flown with my uncle, 1st Lt. Charles F. Hess, in the 613BS of the 401st BG.  I just uploaded the crew picture, but someone is missing and I don't have the names matched to the faces very well.  The crew list on this site is the crew for the first two missions.  

1st Lt C.F. Hess             Pilot
2nd Lt. J.W. Mitchell        Co-Pilot
2nd Lt. C.W. Bryant          Navigator
2nd Lt. R.W. Rowe            Bombardier
TSgt. E. Tatkin              Radio Operator
TSgt. J. Burns               Engineer
Cpl. M.J. Bauer              Ball Turret
SSgt. R.C. Nield             Tail Gunner
SSgt. J.O. Gibson            Left Waist Gunner

On the 401st second mission (Solingen, Germany), the plane (The Lopin Lobo) got shot up and the enlisted members of the crew bailed out over occupied Belgium and eventually became POWs.  I have no record of the names of the replacements, or what plane my uncle flew on the rest of his missions.  (I believe that the Lopin Lobo was so damaged that it was salvaged for parts.)

Anyone who knows anything about Lt. Charles F. Hess should contact me at, or post a message on this site.

Re: Lt. Charles F. Hess

By: L.A. Mitchell
On: 04/08/2005
Charles,The pix you have of the Hess crew in front of Number #2 engine ofa B-17 are kisted as follows:Standing...Charlie Hess, pilot Charles (I believe),Navigator.  Robert Rowe,ombardier.  John Mitchell co-pilot      Kneeling:Gibson, Left Waist Gunner  R.R. Miller, Right Waist Gunner   Joseph Burns,Engineer   M.J. Bauer,Ball TurretE. Tatkins Radio Operator. This list does not include the Tail Gunner, R.C. Nield/ Mitchell phone in N.C.(704)545-6031.