mission no.14 Oschersleben January 11, 1944

By: Stevin Oudshoorn
On: 09/18/2001

I am researching the events on January 11, 1944. This was mission 14 to Oschersleben. Although mission was recalled the Oschersleben force flew on and bombed the target. The 401st had 4 planes MIA. 303rd BG who flew to same target 11 and 381st BG 8. I have next to no information on the role of the 401st on this raid. I am looking for veterans who were on this raid and are willing to relate their stories. ANY information regarding the 401st on Jan. 11, 1944 is more than welcome. I have much information of other BGs and am in touch with many veterans of other BGs who flew this mission. I would like to 'fill the gap' on the 401st. I am considering writing a book about this raid.

Kindest regards,

Stevin Oudshoorn
The Netherlands

Re: mission no.14 Oschersleben January 11, 1944

By: Charles D. Kashner
On: 07/17/2004
Hi Stevin; Excuse the late answering. Just browsing I saw your letter. I was on that mission with the Fowler crew. as T/gunner.We were about 1/2 way there when the r/operator(hw charnes0 told pilot of recall said confirmation not recieved. We stayed on course and met astrong Luftwaffe attact.At one I had 5 me109s at once. the guys up front were talking of a P51 that was taking on what seemed like the entire Luftwaffe single handed. Tghe last seen of him he was on the tail of several me's chaseing them down into the clouds below, and entirely out of ammo.This single fighter pilot saved many of us from being shot down. as most of us were also very low on ammo by then. This is about all I can offer other than we returned with over 200 holes to be  taped up. chas,