401st TFW and 614th TFS (1966-1970) reunions

By: Scott McElvain
On: 03/25/2005
The 401st Tactical Fighter Wing is having a reunion in Biloxi, Mississippi the weekend of the 16th of April.  The 614th Lucky Devils from the years 1966-1970 will have a reunion in Las Vegas, 4 April.  If anyone would like further info and can't find anything on the internet, please contact me.  I contacted the 401st contact and he said any 401st Bomb Group personnel would be welcome.

Re: 401st TFW and 614th TFS (1966-1970) reunions

By: Melena farrell
On: 04/30/2010
My father was in the 614 TFS Lucky Devils Phan Rang Vietnam (Happy Valley)  He served with Col. Buss ( I cannot find any info on the Col.) in 68-70.  (James B.Smith is my dads name)  I am looking for information for him.  Will thier be a reunion this year?

thank you,

Melena Farrell