Greetings from the family of Sgt. Charles L. Roundtree

By: The Roundtree Family
On: 09/15/2001
We've recently found out about your website and thought it would be nice to post something in the name of our patriarch. Charles L. Roundtree passed on September 5, 1998 and left behind his wife Arletta, his son Dennis, 3 grandchildren (all of whom have children of their own now). I would just like to say that we appreciate all you've done for this country. The events that have transpired in the past week have opened a lot of the younger generations eyes. We owe you all a great deal of gratitude and I only pray that my generation and the generations to come will continue the great tradition of protecting the freedoms of this country.
Grandpa used to tell us a lot of crazy stories about the 401st. He once told me that he and a buddy used to grab bikes from outside of the English bars and drive them back to their stations 3 sheets to the wind.
He loved his country and actually he and my grandma wrote me letters about WWII. We may be headed in a similar direction now and I believe it's important to access websites such as yours and brush up on history so that we may learn something from it.
Thank you for all you did for us. Take care.