Cadet patches

By: Adam Greer
On: 02/24/2005
I have been looking at cadet patches on e-bay, and I have found two of different colors. One is blue and one is black.  The photos I have are in black and white so I am unable to determine which colors were used for what. Any help or information would be useful. Thanks.

Re: Cadet patches

By: Win Bryson
On: 02/24/2005
If a 'Cadet cloth patch' is circular with a centered 2-blade prop, vertical, with wings both sides of the prop - maybe I can help you. Caveat: I'm neither knowledgeable about 'patches' per-se, nor a Vet of that era.

My Wife's father's 381BG things include a cloth patch - black circular background, with gold prop & wings.  There may be several (color) versions for different seasonal uniforms, but I don't know such.

If you E-mail me, I'd be glad to E-mail back a (color) 'scan' of Capt.Ohl's patch.