1st Lt C.A . Lincoln / S/SGT C. R . Steitz

By: Cliff Walker
On: 01/29/2005
Looking for any information / Photos on Lt CA Lincoln [Pilot] or S/SGT CR Steitz [Ball Turret Gunner]. and any crew members. First mission 26 Apr 1944 and for some reason there 28th and last mission was 27 Aug 1944 . Why stop at 28?. Hope someone out there can help
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Re: 1st Lt C.A . Lincoln / S/SGT C. R . Steitz

By: Scott McElvain
On: 02/05/2005
My dad, a co-pilot, flew his first mission with another crew (still trying to find out which) and it sounds like it was usual for the pilot and co-pilot to fly their first mission(s) with experienced crews.  Consequently, he might have flown with a new pilot after he was an experienced co-pilot, since there were four missioon he flew with other crews according to his flight records. It certainly wasn't unusual to finish up missions piecemeal, so seeing a list of missions flown as a crew might come up short.