Enroll my dad?

By: dyanna Laing
On: 01/17/2005
My father is John Laing of the 401st Bomb group.  Until a few days ago we never knew about his time served.  Mom died a few months ago and we started to find out about this precious man.  
I am trying to get a copy of the book but it is out of print.  Does anyone out there remember him?  He was in France...that is all I know.  Dyanna

Re: Enroll my dad?

By: Donald Byers
On: 01/31/2005
Your father was with the 612th Squadron

1st Lt. M.M Smith Pilot
2nd Lt. M.N. Korwald Co-Pilot
2nd Lt. R.B. Van Duiden Navigator
2nd Lt. N.R. Schmatz Bombardier
TSgt E.W. Hendrickson Radio Operator
TSgt P.J. Genga  Engineer
SSgt J. Laing Ball Turret
SSgt F.E. Filiastraut Tail Gunner
Sgt T.K. Swanson Waist Gunner

Flew 35 Missions