I'll Be Seeing You

By: Christian Cromer Brown
On: 12/31/2004
My grandfather was Joe Cromer, the piolt of the plane I'll Be Seeing You. He died October 13, 1984 in Harlingen Texas during an air show when the plane he was in crashed in the Gulf of Mexico. He died doing what he loved best!!!! I was wanting to see if any of his crew members were still living. They are:
Jack Waldhoff - Bombardier
Michael Phillps - Navigator
Ralph Trout - Copilot (deceased)
Eugene Clark - Waist gunner
Robert Coffin - Ball-Turret Operator
Vincent Villagio - Tail Gunner
Martin Goodman - Raido Operator
Douglas Stott - Engineer Gunner

If anyone has any information about any of the above please email me at sabcab13@yahoo.com. I would like to learn more about the crew and maybe personal recounts of my grandfather Joe Cromer. Since I was only 8 years old when he died I don't remember much but I do remember his love for flying!