Replica A-2 Jackets

By: Jim Moschgat
On: 12/28/2004
I found this website ( offering A-2 leather jackets bearing handpainted replica art from WWII bombers.  The vendor has several 401st BG jackets on display (mostly 612th BS) and will custom paint a jacket to suit a customer's needs.  I'm sure there may be many of you who would like a replica of your original jacket.  This vendor seems to offer a pretty reasonably priced product.  Check it out.

Re: Replica A-2 Jackets

By: CLMings
On: 07/02/2005
The real A-2 jackets are very expensive as you all know. I was offered $1600 for mine and he would have gone higher,but I told him I had promised it to my son.PLEASE, PLEASE dont try to improve them by sewing new cuffs or trying to renew the leather. If the name of the aircraft is also painted above the usual picture and bombs it adds about $300 to its value.It is like vintage cars, only the real original authenic item is valuable.
A picture of the crew with the wearer identified  and its history of missions adds to its value.Some outfits try to sell the "hack watches" we wore, but they are electric and not the same quality as the real ones.