2005 Mini-Reunion in England

By: Willard H Keeling
On: 12/27/2004
I have misplaced the address and telephone number of Dick D'Amoto the travel agent who is handling the tour in July.  My wife and I plan to go.  If you have the address and/or telephone number of the tour agent please let me know.

Re: 2005 Mini-Reunion in England

By: Win Bryson
On: 12/28/2004
I bet you're not the only one who's mislpaced the info - I almost lost mine, too.
For everyone, here it is:

Tamarac Travel Inc.
10837 Piping Rock Circle
Orlando, Florida, 32817-2939
Toll free (888) 486-9922;
Phone (312) 235-9047; Fax (321) 235 3396