John Myrtetus

By: Denis Ledoux
On: 12/16/2004
  I am writing a commemorative book on First Lieutenant John Myrtetus of the 612th Bomb Squadron, 401 Bomb Group, Eighth Air Force. He died over Caen France on June 25, 1944, while on a bombing mission to Montbartier, France.
  I would appreciate being in contact with anyone who knew him and could share anecdotes with me to add to the book.
  Please e-mail me with your telephone number and I will call. Or, simply call 1-207-353-5454 and will immediately call you back.

Re: John Myrtetus

By: Mark Brotherton
On: 11/12/2005
Denis go to this site for a lot of information on the crew and mission.
Mark Brotherton