Another request about uncle & another crew

By: Penny Woodward
On: 11/28/2004
  I have discovered that my mother's brother J.J. Hannon flew several missions with the crew of 2 LT A.R. Livingstone, prior to filling in as co-pilot with 2 LT Hellmuth and crewmates on 13 March, 1944. Once again, I am hoping to learn details about LT Livingstone, the rest of his crew, and the missions they flew together. The names of the crew members are as follows:

    Pilot 2nd Lt  A.R.  Livingstone        
    Copilot 2nd Lt  J.J.  Hannon        
    Navigator 2nd Lt  L.S.  Jaffe        
    Bombardier 2nd Lt  H.W.  Dershimer        
    Radio Operator Sgt  E.C.  Munch        
    Engr / Top Turret S/Sgt  C.B.  Greer        
    Ball Turret Gunner Sgt  A.M.  Martinelli        
    Tail Gunner Sgt  J.E.  Bachler        
    Left Waist Gunner Sgt  J.P.  O'Brien        
    Right Waist Gunner Sgt  E.M.  Fetzer
  Please contact me by e-mail or on this forum, if there is any information available.  Thanks so much!
Missions (Group Mission)  
   1.   Frankfurt (29)  2 Mar 1944         ?          
   2.   Cologne (31)  4 Mar 1944         ?          
   3.   Berlin/Templin (32)  6 Mar 1944         ?          
   4.   Tours (45)  27 Mar 1944         ?          
   5.   Marienburg (47)  9 Apr 1944         ?          
   6.   Brussels (48)  10 Apr 1944         ?