By: Bob
On: 11/11/2004
I would like to pay tribute on this Veterans Day to these men of the 401st BG, 615th BS, who were killed over Holland on Feb. 16, 1945, Lt. Ernest Hansen, Sgt. Wade Brunson, Sgt. Joseph Del Torto and to the surviving members of their crew, Sgt. Raymond Miller, F/O Joseph Chuderewicz, Lt. Morton Greenberg, Sgt. James Morrison, Sgt. Leroy McKnight, Sgt. Alonzo Karcher.    

401st BG, 615th BS

By: Bryan Wyman
On: 08/09/2005
Dear sir,

I was wondering your connection to the men of this flight. My Great Uncle was Alonzo Karcher. I just recently got back from Holland talking with many of the locals involved in trying to save the men who survived the jump from the plane. Please contact me if you would like about this.


Bryan Wyman
4132 Tyrolean Ave.
St. Louis, Mo

Re: Tribute

By: Jinny
On: 02/16/2007
Remembering this date 62 years ago. Ernie was on his 29th Mission. Supposed to have been "an easy run" but flack caught his plane on fire. He was a very responsible person. He wore a gold ID bracelet but it was never returned with his other property.
His last words to me,"I'll be seeing you'" His Mom told me "Jinny, you're the only one left who knew him."
She stayed in touch until her death at 90 something.
He was 22 years old.