"Fancy Nancy 4 " crew members

By: don cortez
On: 11/10/2004
I am George Importe`s nephew and am trying to locate those crew members of the"Fancy Nancy 4".George was stationed at Deenethorp,and was tail-gunner.

My phone # (510) 537-3511

Re: "Fancy Nancy 4 " crew members

By: Win Bryson
On: 11/16/2004
I don't have any direct info, but from this Website's A/C list, I see your Uncle was in the 612SQ, 1st.Lt. W.E.Cox crew.  Have you checked if his other crew members are 401BG Association members? [And you're certainly welcome to join the 401BG Association, should you not already be a member].    

By the way, 11-14-04 S.F. Chronicle Obituary article about your Uncle and his service was very, very well done - the most detailed I've ever seen about a Vet.

Checking this Website's air crew photo list, it does not appear your Uncle's crew photo is there.  The 401BG Association is always looking for photos of its crews (and names of crewmwn pictured for photos with no nams listed).  Would the Importe family be interested in providing a copy of your Uncle's crew, with the crewmen's names (like appeared in the Obituary) for the Website's air crew photo gallery? I believe either 401BG contact - George Menzel or Art Seder - could give you details.  

Good luck with your search.

Re: "Fancy Nancy 4 " crew members

By: L.A.Mitchell
On: 11/22/2004
Men of the Cox crew who are members of 401st Association are  Emmitt Warren   18781 SW Meadowlark Rd.   Rose Hill,KS 67133  (316)776-2181  and
Dale Dunn    18910  Doving Lane   Riverside,CA 92508
(909) 780-2990 ...L.A.Mitchell

Re: "Fancy Nancy 4 " crew members

By: Nathan Johnson
On: 06/11/2010
I was Emmitt Warren's grandson.