Tribute arrives at C.A.F.

By: Larry A. Waimon
On: 11/09/2004
Hi Folks- Just received a bulletin from the Commemorative Air Force in Mesa, AZ. They did a nice write-up re: my presentation that will be now on displayed on the wall of their AZ Wing's O-Club hanger/museum.  The colaborative photo collage' features their B-17, "Sentimental Journey" as a background to my award winning "bomber-bike"- Magic Jeannie. It is dedicated to my late friend, Pilot: Lt. John Sauerwald and sports the tail feathers from the 401st.
Additional crew photos & dedicated nose-art flight jacket & tattoo photo is also in the feature.  Those following my little saga might be aware that John's "Round Tripper" was recently recovered in the Baltic Sea in remarkable shape by a Danish archeological crew.  Anyone wishing to see the article are welcomed to drop me an email and will reply back: Always my best, Larry A. Waimon