By: Katherine Smith Rowell
On: 08/30/2001
I am looking for any information on the LIberty Run.  My grandfather Cpt. Wallace R. Smith was said to have flown it.
I would like any information pertaining to my grandfather and his crew.  I do have a list of his missions.  He was of the 401st Bomd Group, 614th Squadron.On his first mission he flew, Dec. 5 1943 he flew with a Capt. Peck.  
Captain Wallace R. Smith, Jr. died Aug. 24, 2001.  
He never really talked about his missions and all I have are some photos and some of his writtings about a few of his missions.  


By: Art Seder
On: 09/02/2001
Captain Smith's crew included the following: Lt. Donald A. Faulhaber, co-pilot; Lt. R. V. Crane, navigator; Lt. J. C. Levey, bombardier; T/Sgt. Salvatore L. Castronova, radio operator; T/Sgt. C. H. Fair, engineer; S/Sgt. D. C. McKendry, ball turret; s/sgt. D. C. Sundberg, tail gunner; S/Sgt. M.E. Roberts, waist gunner; and S/Sgt. G. R. Gatzmeyer, waist gunner.
    The co-pilot, Donald Faulhaber, is a member of the 401st Bomb Group Association; his address is 6352 Flint Drive, Huntington Beach, CA 92647-3351. Radio operator Salvatore Castronova is also a member of the Association; his address is 2330 Lantana Road, Lake Worth, FL 33462-2478. The navigator, R. V. Crane, is deceased, but his wife, Muriel M. Crane, is a member of the Association; her address is 3350 E. Gans Rd., Columbia, MO 65201-9260.
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