401st retirees at Air Force Village

By: Ben Mallon
On: 10/20/2004
My dad, Richard W. Mallon, who flew with the 615th, recently moved to the Air Force Village in San Antonio.  Does any one know of any 401st veterans living there?  If yes, please e-mail me benmallon1@cox.net

Thank you

Re: 401st retirees at Air Force Village

By: Scott McElvain
On: 10/21/2004
My mom lived in Air Force Village until her death in 1999.  There was a widow there that chose not to go to any reunions.  Not sure if she is still alive or not.  Village I or II?  She was in Village I.  Do know a B-17 vet there that was shot down on his first mission and was a POW.  Whatever group was at Chelveston...  I hope to end up there some day.  My mom loved the place, and so many of her friends lived there.  I guess I'll be a 2nd generation resident......