By: Jack "Dick" Lippert
On: 09/04/2004
Having just come off the 401st reunion in Boston with my wife and mother (wife of my Dad), this thread was beautiful.  That some degree or closure would be brought to the family is great Finn!

I'm sorry for the loss of John J. Sauerwald in 2002.  If only he could have died knowing that his plane was found.  But the family knows thanks to Finn.

I'm so happy for the Sauerwald family

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By: kaddiayetu Darrah
On: 10/27/2004
I am Mr.Kaddieyatu Darrah, The Former Special
Assistant to President Charles Taylor of Liberia. I am
58 years old. The whole World is completely aware of
the recent outbreak of war in Liberia and the removal
of President Charles Taylor from the seat of power as
the only condition for acceptance of cease fire by the
REBELS that fought the Government.
Sequel to the out break of war in Liberia, I have in
my possession, some amount of money assigned to me for
rehabilitation of Liberian Army Barracks and purchase
of Military War Ship. I diverted this fund and
smuggled myself through the boarder via an arrangement
with some Diplomats attached to Benin Rep. Right now,
I am making plans in order to work out modalities to
have the fund moved overseas. My plan is in such a
way, that the fund will be sealed and moved as a
Diplomatic cargo. I have been guarateed that the
procedure is 100% risk-free, but I need the assistance
of a foriegn partner with whom I will strike this deal
as I am in exile and cannot travel overseas. Also I do
not want anyone I knew in the past to have hands in
the deal.
I am still under the care and protection of the
Government of Benin Republic, therefore I want to use
this opportunity, to safeguard the fund as the future
of my children depends on it. All our bank accounts
were frozen so I have nothing to boast for except this
fund. Your kind attention is highly needed to execute
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from you I will tell you the amount involved in the
transaction and I will like you to state the
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sharing ration can be discussed in due course.
Finally, I would like if you can send to me via email
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Thanks and God Bless.
Mr.Kaddieyatu Darrah.