Reunion Presentation DVD's and VHS tapes

By: Arthur R. Seder, Jr.
On: 08/25/2004
The recent 401st reunion at Braintree, Mass., was a great success, with interesting panel discussions and tours. One part of the program was a 45 minute Power Point presentation entitled "The Way it Was". The presentation consists of numerous photographs of the 401st acquired from the National Archives, movie clips, maps, etc. and is  accompanied by music of the Air Force Band and descriptive captions. DVD and VHS copies of this presentation are available at a cost of $12.50, including postage and handling. Revenues above cost of production will go to the Association.
    To order a DVD or VHS tape, send a check for $12.50 to Arthur R. Seder, Jr., 2993 River Reach, Williamsburg, Virginia 23185. Be sure to specify whether you you want DVD or VHS.