Research and information on 612th Bombardment Squadron - 401st BG

By: Gary Harris
On: 08/25/2004
Hallo to any Veterans out there who either served in the 612th Bombardment Squadron - 401st BG - during the period 1943 to 1944 in the UK.

My name is Gary Harris and I live in the UK.  I am trying to carry out some research on a T/SGT John W. Heinlan who was a radio operator/mechanic on one of the squadrons B-17s during this period. He arrived in the UK in May 1943 and left for the US in September 1944.

I have recently purchashed a number of items which belonged to this brave flier - his medals, crew photogragh and an individual shot of him.  I am now seeking to carry out some background research on everything to do with him, the rest of the crew and the Squadron.

I am particulary looking for any original photos of the squadron and the aircraft.  Maybe I will get lucky and find a picture of one of his actual planes.  He was shot down 3 times.

If anyone out there can help me with this enquiry I would be very grateful.  On the completion of my research I will gladly share my findings with anyone - be it a relative or like minded historian.

Regards to you all.