Underground Hospital near Deenethorpe Airfield

By: Bob Stewart
On: 08/20/2004
My brother-in-law from Kettering, Northamptonshire is seeking information about a rumored underground hospital near the Deenethorpe Airfield during WWII. He thinks it would have been on the Corby Steel Works property towards Corby (just a mile or so from the airfield). Supposedly the location was SECRET during WWII. Recently, he was allowed to explore a great deal of underground facilities on the property of the old Corby Steel Works (Stewarts & Lloyds).
The 401st Bombardment Group (Heavy) Association Web site is one of the best I have viewed. Someone for the 401st might like to contribute information to the www.controltowers.co.uk site - Deenethorpe page. I have been attempting to assist Robert Truman find at least one photo of the control tower for every WWII airfield in the UK. It is beoming more difficult as time passes.
If anyone has any knowledge of Deenethhorpe involvement with the underground hospital I would appreciate it.
Bob Stewart