Crew Photos Posted

By: Art Seder
On: 07/30/2004
We have just completed posting on the web site a large number of combat crew photographs obtained from the National Archives. Check the Gallery page and click on "Combat Crews". The new postings are highlighted.
   While we have tried to be as accurate as possible in identifying crews, mistakes inevitably occur. If you run across an error, or if you can identify individual crew members, please let me know by e-mail and I will try to rectify the problem.
   There are also a large number of photos from the National Archives where the crew is not identified. Copies of these photos will be available at the reunion in the hope that those attending the reunion will be able to identify at least some of them.

Re: Crew Photos Posted

By: Gary Harris
On: 09/01/2004
During your work you didn't by any chance come across a crew photo with a TSGT John Heinlan?  He flew out of Deenethorpe in the UK in B-17 from May 1943 till September 1944.