Father-Sgt Jerry B. Fujak 613 Bomb Sq.

By: Gary M. Fujak
On: 07/19/2004
Is their anyone reviewing this forum, that might know anything about my father's duties? He was a member of the 401st bomb group/613 bomb squadron during WW2. I have photos of him as a gunner on a B-17 and he related to me years ago that he also supervised a crew responsible for loading bombs on the B-17, to include setting the fuses.  Was he a B-17 gunner or a crew chief on a bomb team or both?    My father passed away Aug/95 .  I will be a new member as soon as the mail gets my appication  to Savannah GA.    

Re: Father-Sgt Jerry B. Fujak 613 Bomb Sq.

By: Stanislaw Fujak
On: 11/29/2004
Dear Garry!
I am very proud that One of the Fujak family was a veteran WW2. I'm 54 and live in NJ since 1987.About 10-12 yers ago I received phone call from Pittsburgh. The lady called me was looking for the relatives . I may assume the name was Laverne Fujak. As I remember she told me Her husband died but he was from Polish family.
What means to You the names: Christina D.Fujak 1910-1995(Illinois), Andy Fujak 0000-1962(IL). Are You interested in the family tree search. Can we go back
with the names ,fotos, papers pre 1900 ?.
Once again Honor to your father Sgt Jerry B. Fujak .
Thank You and I hope You will answer me, Stan Fujak.