Gustav Berliner died 6/01 &Logo i.d.

By: Steven Berliner
On: 08/26/2001
   Can you help me find bomb sqd. logos on the internet?  Dad, Gustave (Army left off the "e") Berliner died this June at nearly 94 yrs.
   He arrived with the first group to open Deenethorp base and did investigations work there.  I found an embroidered patch in his belongings with a flight-training diary.  He'd been in Civil Air Patrol prior to the 8th AAF.
   The logo patch shows a fighting blue and gray bomb with red boxing gloves on, against a green circle background.  Thanks for any help.  If possible, direct to my email as well.
Steven Berliner

Re: Gustav Berliner died 6/01 &Logo i.d.

By: Donald Byers
On: 08/26/2001

This is the patch of the 613th Bomber Squadron of the 401st Bomb Group.