Staff Sargent Joeseph B. Coughlin

By: Brian T. Coughlin
On: 06/26/2004
Hello, I am the son of Staff Sargent Joeseph B. Coughlin. I am trying to locate members of the crew that he flew with or people who knew my father.I would like to learn more about my father during these times. The flight jacket he gave me says "Sac Hound" on the back. I know the plane was lost so I am trying to trace when he was on it or if he was on a different plane.

Thank you.

Re: Staff Sargent Joeseph B. Coughlin

By: Edward N York
On: 06/28/2004
I don't know if we are thinking of the same person but Joe Coughlin and I were gunnery instructors assigned to the 401st Bb Gp at Deenethorpe,England. He was hit by flack on one of his missions but did not suffer any real damage since he wore a flack jacket. He was from Pittsfield Ma and after the war he lived in Rochester. He died a couple of years ago.His wife's name is Libby.

Re: Staff Sargent Joeseph B. Coughlin

By: Valerie Conley McAlister
On: 07/01/2004
Dear Mr. York:

I have been in touch with Brian and that is indeed his father, but I would like to talk to you also.  You see, my Father was Capt Joe Conley, the Group Gunnery Officer!

Please feel free to contact me at

Valerie Conley McAlister

Re: Staff Sargent Joeseph B. Coughlin

By: jean dardenne
On: 07/03/2004
I' m sorry, but I worked on 16 years on research about sac hound and I see no where notification about SSgt Coughlin.

I' m in contact with 3 crew members and I will try to know about this; Please could you send me a pictures of the flight jacket just to see the logo for the archives of my research. Please could you use my Email adress in Belgium . Jean Dardenne/ Saint gerard/ Belgium

Re: Staff Sargent Joeseph B. Coughlin

By: Edward N York
On: 07/04/2004
The reason you cannot find Joe Coughlin as a crew member of that plane is because he was not on that crew. He and I were committed to fly 6 or 7 combat missions before we started our primary  jobs as gunnery instructors for the 401st.We did not fly with the same crew each time.I hope this clears up the problem.
               Edward N York--Joe's friend.

Re: Staff Sargent Joseph B. Coughlin

By: Peter Hrechdakian
On: 12/06/2004
Hello Edward

Do you remember flying with Joe Coughlin on Sac Hound? Joe's son, Brian, told me his dad and "a buddy" flew on Sac Hound's next to last mission - it would have been Oschersleben on February 22 1944 (mission # 26 for the 401st BG).

Thanks in advance - Peter.

Sac Hound

By: Norm Conway
On: 09/18/2005
Hello Jean;
I am new to this site and just pulled all the correspondance to Sac Hound. My uncle is Douglas Conway who was the Bombardier on Sac Hound. A local family there in Belgium hid him in a cave for months after being shot down. I recently spoke to him and am reconstructing a replica of the aircraft. Were you successful obtaining any photos? Do you have a picture of "Sac Hound" on the nose?
WOW! What a small world! Have you met my uncle? Was it your family that helped him?
I look forward to hearing from you!
Norm Conway

Re: Sac Hound

By: Chris Conway
On: 11/07/2005
Jean Dardenne is the man I met who gave me the piece of plane from the farmyard in the late 80's.