Airraid on Dresden.

By: Els van der Laan
On: 08/19/2001
I like to start a research about the attack on Dresden.
Can anyone help me with information about this?
Why was this airraid so heavy?
How many planes are lost in this mission?
Was this mission different than any other airraid on German city,s was it protected with FLAK or are fighters try to
shoot the bombers How many planes did bombing ,including
RAF bombers.

Greetings Els

Re: Airraid on Dresden.

By: wilfried martens
On: 12/23/2004
I'm replying your questions in the same order:
*It was to impress Stalin with their fire power.
*About 1 % of the 11oo planes were shot down.
*The city was undefended and filled with fugatives and some prisoners of war (allie).
*About 1100.
*About 30000, say the allies; about 100000, say the nazis as well as the neutral countries.
*It was a fire storm with fire bombs and bombs withextended ignition which exploded only afteru up to 24 hours to kill even the rescueteams.
*It was a war crime just like Hitler had ordered but Bomber Harris got decorated instead of convicted as he was part of the victorious team which write the history.