B-17 G   and B-17

By: Inge Grondin
On: 08/18/2001
2Lt.Murgatroyd, wrote me a letter and this what he had to say.  B-17 G, was original assigned to him tail # 129 with a s on it.This plane was called"Belle of the Barbary coast"
SF.Both crew of the PPM and the BOBC had a hard stand. McKeon,s bombardier was killed and his plane was damaged. While his plane was in repair,they send Pilot McKeon out on the B-17G. We where send out on the July 20 on the war-weary mission to Leipzig in the PPM plane.There was a 10th men on board. Waist Gunner Sgt Rosen. Any on with info. please get in touch with me
Thank you my friends Inge