Question About Group Staff

By: Valerie Conley McAlister
On: 05/22/2004
My Father, Capt Joseph Jester Conley, was the Group Gunnery Officer and many of you have supplied me with invaluable info and pictures.  I was even able to receive a copy of the blue book from Colonel Eveland's widow when I lived in Montana (what a fantastic lady!).  My question is this -- if he was group staff, then can someone explain some info from his DD214 which said he was a member of the 614th Sq and had flown missions with them.  Which crew did he fly with and when did this happen?  Do any of you have any info on this?

You can post here, or contact me directly at my posted e-mail.  I appreciate any info you can give me.

BTW -- one of the students where I am employed is receiving his second DFC on Thursday for an incident in March 2003 in Afghanistan.  His first was for being lead plane AC when we captured the first airbase in Afghanistan on October 19, 2001.  He is a Combat Talon II pilot (MC-130H) which is a program I worked on.  He is in spirit like all of you -- the heroes of the 401st and reminds me of what you all must have been like at his age!  Thank you all!