Lt. TJ Greer

By: Adam Greer
On: 05/15/2004
I have been trying to locate some information on my grandfather Lt. Thyrl J. Greer, who was a bombardier on the Slick Chick  (42-97811), under Lt. John Myretetus . He died about four years ago without passing on much information about his experiences in the war. If  anyone knew him or has information on him and his squad it would be much appreciated.
Thank You.

Re: Lt. TJ Greer

By: Donald Byers
On: 06/03/2004
Smsgt. Mark E. Brotherton may be a relation ship to one of the crew memembers.

Last e-mail address was:

I can only assume he may not be their anymore as this was printed in 2001.  No others found in directory.

Don Byers