Looking for Julian A. Roadman

By: Derek Knuese
On: 05/07/2004

I am the nephew of Robert H. Knuese (deceased) who was
the navigator on Julian A. Roadman's crew in 1944-45.
Mr. Roadman contacted me 9 years ago, but I have not
spoken with him since.  I would like to get in touch
with him (or any other member of his crew) now.  Do
you know of any contact information for him?  At the
time (1995) I know he was an active member of your
association (he told me about the reunion in San Diego
in 1996).

Thanks for your help!
-Derek Knuese

Re: Looking for Julian A. Roadman

By: Jeff T. Giambrone
On: 07/30/2005
      I met Julian Roadman in 2001 when he visited the museum where I worked in Vicksburg.  I am very interested in WW II history so we talked for quite a long time, and he later sent me part of his memoir talking about his first mission with the 401st.  In 2001 his address was:
Julian Roadman
50 Saint Walter Lane
Florissant, Missouri

If you are unable to contact him, I will be happy to send you a copy of the memoir he sent me, as it does mention your relative.  If you do make contact with Julian, please tell him hello from me.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.
Jeff T. Giambrone

Re: Looking for Julian A. Roadman

By: Sue Burhop
On: 02/11/2008
Hi Derek,
I have started working on looking up my genealogy and googled my Dad's name. Your email came up. I am guessing that you must be one of Ben's children? If so, I am your cousin and Robert was my dad! Its hard to believe I have many Knuese cousins that I have never met.  My mom gave me the picture you had found of my dad with this crew. I have never been able to reach anyone that was a part of his WWII experience. I was lucky to get replicas of his service medals after contacting the Air Force. Most of my dad's military records were lost in a fire.  I also contacted our Aunt Irene back in the 80s to see if she could tell me more about the Knuese family. I know so little because we didn't keep in touch with the Knuese side of the family very much. I do have a list of Knuese ancestors if you are ever interested in looking into genealogy.  I hope this email address still works and that we can get in touch. Are your mom and dad still alive? My mom is 85 and living in an assisted living facility in Sussex. Are you in touch with any of the Knuese cousins? I'm not sure I even know their names...isn't that sad?
Anyway, please write if this reaches you. I'd love to hear about you, and also am wondering what your interest is in my dad's WWII experience. I know he had to bomb Dresden, but he never spoke much about any of his time in the Air Force.

Hope to hear from you,
Sue (Knuese) Burhop

Re: Knuese cousins

By: Donna Johann
On: 09/12/2008
Hi Sue,
You Dad was my grandmother's (Dorothy) brother. I've been working on the Knuese family tree for quite a while. E-mail me if you'd like to catch up! We used to live right down the street from you in 'Tosa.