401st Reunion

By: Art Seder
On: 03/21/2004
You will soon be receiving a new issue of Poop from Group containing information about the 401st reunion to be held in Braintree, Massachusetts, on August 17-21. We have prepared what we believe will be an outstanding program. In addition to several bus tours of the Boston area, we will have four panel/disussion programs involving the following:

"The Way it Was I" (August 19 at 1:00 PM) At the reunion in Tucson a panel of veterans discussed their lives on the ground and in the air during World War II. Because the discussion proved to be of great interest, particularly to the younger members of the Association, a similar panel will be presented.

"The Way it Was II" (August 19 at 3:00 PM) While veterans of the 401st had notable experiences, the wives and sweethearts they left behind had many interesting experiences of their own, coping with wartime conditions and the problems of separation. This panel of Women of the 401st will talk about the war from their point of view.

"Keeping the 401st Heritage Alive" (August 20 at 9:30 AM) Once membership in the 401st Bomb Group Association was opened to relatives of veterans and other younger people interested in the Group, they have shown an exceptional interest in preserving its history and heritage. This panel of younger members of the Association will present their ideas and solicit the ideas of others as to how best to achieve that objective.

"The 401st Experience in Pictures" (August 20 at 11:30 AM) The National Archives possesses a large number of photographs of 401st aircraft, crews, combat scenes and life at Deenethorpe. These photographs have recently been acquired by the Association, and plans are under way to collect many of them in a new book. A selection of these photographs will be shown in a Power Point presentation.

     I urge you, therefore, to send in your registration  for the reunion and make your hotel reservations promptly. The necessary forms are in PFG. Let's make this another memorable get-together of the men and women--and children and grandchildren--of "the best damned outfit in the USAAF".

      Art Seder
      President, 401st Bomb Group Association

Re: 401st Reunion

By: Bill Gillespie
On: 03/29/2004
Your letter and the PFG both mention the wealth of Deenthorpe era photos the
Group has recently received.  The PFG also asks for readers to identify people.  
Plus, you will be showing some/all of them via a power point presentation at the Reunion.  
Is it possible to receive a copy of the power point?  My mother was a camp follower
during my father's training and has a clear memory of many people she got to know.  I
know she would be thrilled if she could help.  I would be more than willing to purchase
a disk of the scanned photos for my own collection.  

Re: 401st Reunion

By: Art Seder
On: 04/16/2004
I am just beginning to work on the Power Point presentation I hope to make at the reunion in August. It had occurred to me that, if it turns out to be useful, I might make copies of the presentation for sale to those who would be interested. When I have gotten a little further along I'll make an announcement in the Forum and in PFG if it will be possible to make CD's of the presentation available.