"Honey Pie" Looking for all crewmembers

By: Terrie Hudnall McMillan
On: 02/10/2004
My mom's name is Billie Hudnall Light...She is the inspiration for naming my dads plane.  His name was Carl Hudnall...He used to call her Honey Pie...I plan to bring my mom to Boston for her first reunion...wondering if there are other pilots or crewmembers out there that served on the Honey Pie???would love to hear from you...Thanks, Terrie

Re: "Honey Pie" Looking for all crewmembers

By: Arthur R. Seder, Jr
On: 02/14/2004
Three former members of Lr. Hudnall's crew are members of the Association: Alfred R. Gyles (Ball Turret Gunner), Matt M. Parker (Tail Gunner) and Robert H. Parker (Waist Gunner). In addition, the widow of M. A. Martin, the Navigator is a member. I will provide addresses in a separate e-mail.

Re: "Honey Pie" Looking for all crewmembers

By: Brian Gyles
On: 05/22/2004
I'm sorry to say that my father (Alfred R. Gyles), who was the ball turret gunner on Hudnall's crew, passed away on September 2, 2002.  I'd be happy to supply you with any information I have that might be of interest.

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